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Practice that perfects your "Smile"

A smile is worth a thousand words that speak volumes about a person. It is in the service of preserving and caring for this valuable asset that Dr. Shah’s Dental Clinic is dedicated to. We are committed to the early detection and prevention of dental diseases and curative treatment. Our greatest strength is our highly ethical team of professionals who take care of the smallest detail in every dental procedure. Our friendly and caring staff welcome patients of all ages and will make every visit as pleasant as possible. Dr. Shah’s Dental Clinic has long been recognized as one of the pioneers in advanced dental healthcare services, providing a range of specialty dental treatments, quality oral care and cosmetic dental services to the community.

Some of our specialized dental services include:

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Smile makeover

· Smile design
· Laminates, Veneers
· Teeth whitening
· Tooth jewellery
· Tooth colored restoration
· Botox treatment
· Mandibular repositioning
· Orthognathic surgery
· Lip fillers
· Treatment for gummy smile

Dental Implants:

· Single tooth replacement by implant
· Implant supported full dentures
· Sinus lift
· Ridge augmentation with bone grafting


· Single sitting root canal treatment
· Digital radiograph –Radioviso graphy RVG


· Crowns and bridges
· Maryland bridges
· Ceramic inlays
· Veneers
· Complete Dentures
· Immediate Dentures
· Partial Dentures

Gum Treatments (Periodontics):

· Flap treatment
· Depigmentation of black gums
· Gum contouring
· Gum disease treatment
· Oral prophylaxis (Scaling/Cleaning of the teeth)
· Gingivectomy
· Frenectomy

Oral and maxillofacial Surgery:

· Wisdom tooth removal
· Apicectomy
· Cyst and tumor removal
· Fractured jaw treatment


· Braces treatment
· Invinsible braces
· Ceramic braces
· Lingual orthodontics
· Invisalign computer added technology
· Functional braces

Latest Technology:

· Lasers Treatment.
· Laminate veneer.
· CAD-CAM crowns and bridges.