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Crown and Bridge !
Dental Crown

Dental Crown is also called dental cap. When you lost your tooth structure and dentists cannot fill the cavity by just normal dental fillings, you are required a crown to cover that tooth. In fact, patients can lost their tooth structure from many causes such as badly tooth decay, broken by accident, undergoing root canal treatment, etc. It would be deemed as a “cover” as the crown will cover or replace part of the tooth seen in the mouth. Another advantage of dental crown is about aesthetic. Dental crown can help patient for teeth appearance and this is called cosmetic dental works or smile makeover because dental crown can correct chip, discolor, misshape and alignment teeth.

Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge is quite similar to dental crown. Normally, dental bridge is consist of two dental crowns and one pontic. Dental bridge is used in the patient who lost their tooth structure and no remaining tooth left to be crowned. Dentist need to use prep crowns on nearby teeth one on the right and one on the left to neighbor pontic and replacing missing tooth space.

· Severe wear
· Root canal failure
· Trauma
· Badly decay
· Congenital
· Accident

Zircon Metal Free Crowns
Various CAD-CAM supported metal free crown and bridges are available at cosmocare dental studio.