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Full Mouth Rehabilitation !

• Medical researchers estimate that atleast 20% of the population suffers from daily or weekly    headache.
• Headache is a common complaint in women and is second most common complain after back pain.

If you answer yes to any of the following statements, you are a candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction:

· I have TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome).
· I experience frequent headaches or migraines.
· I have unexplained loose teeth.
· My teeth are worn, chipped or cracked.
· My dental restorations frequently crack, chip or break.
· I have pain or soreness around my jaw joints.
· I have pain in my teeth that seems to move around.
· I have facial, neck, shoulder and/or back pain.
· There are clicking or grating sounds in my jaw joints.
· I experience limited jaw movement or have locking jaw.
· I have unexplained numbness in my fingers and arms.
· I have unexplained congestion or stuffiness in my ears.
· I have vertigo.

Only select doctors are truly qualified to complete this treatment, and as such, their fees will be in line with their skills.

After the Bite is Stable

The precision of your bite (occlusion) is dependant on how stable are your supporting muscles and joints. Dr Shah is willing to take the time to properly stabilize his patients muscles before the finishing defining restorative dentistry is performed. Many of our patients who have experienced long term TMD problems are willing to spend the time conditioning themselves with an orthosis first. Once the muscles, joints and ligaments are properly conditioned and stable, Dr. Shah is willing to precisely prepare the teeth for final all porcelain restorations, by:

1. Optimal bite stabilization techniques
2. Optimal bite management techniques and
3. Optimal 5 star bite finishing techniques

The all porcelain ceramic crowns are used to give stability and a natural smile for our patients. The bite is refined to precision using CMS, EMG and TENS to give our patients the smile and comfort they deserve.